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Consultant Services

 Unleash Your Holistic Practice. We can help!

Limited to 6 practitioners per month.

Holistic Practice Building Consulting by Dr. Kriscinda Morgan,
Founder & CEO at Mayberry Naturopathy LLC in Rutledge, GA. 

  • Extensive Experience in Holistic Health Care as Well as Knowledgeable Integrated Medicine Approaches

  • Well Known & Loved, Double Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy in Both Brick and Mortar and Global Settings

  •  Concierge Consultant Doctor Advocate for Holistic Practice Awareness & Growth

We only contract with

6 holistic health offices per month. 

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Why Do You Need Us? 

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Save My Spot. I'm in!

I want to be one of the 6 this month!
Sign me up, but I have questions first. 


What do you get when you mix direct patient care experience, networking, collaboration, grassroots practice building and innovative methods for holistic practitioners? You get seasoned, driven and customized consulting to fully unleash your private practice with increase and awesome patient retention.


Do I need to have a location already? No. We have custom solutions for both practitioners who want a in-person office as well as those who seek to practice online. 


Do I have to spent a lot on marketing? Do you help in that way? While we don't advertise for you, we do show you some of the best routes when it comes to how to get seen as a natural holistic practice? 


How do I know how much professional consulting I will need? After we know your specific status on your current or soon-to-be office, we will suggest how many weeks it may take.

Business Meeting at a Cafe


How do consulting fees work? Do I need to pay up front? The fees are solely determined by how many weeks you need consulting (6 weeks all the way to 30 weeks). Half of our fee is due to initiate our services. The other half is due half way into your plan. 


Can you help if there's only practitioner working and limited staff? Yes, You already have your launching pad right there. We'll blow it up from there.


Is this just a plan that you email to everyone and there's no real communication? Not at all. If starting and/or running a natural health practice was THAT easy, we'll all be cookie cutter versions of each other making no progress. And you wouldn't be on this page.  Each week, we are in communication regarding your very specific set of circumstances. No two clients are the same, so we know that you will get the best with custom care from us. 

Consulting Plans

All plans require 1/2 of total fee up front and the remaining half when the plan is at the midpoint.    Ex. 6 Week Plan- $3000 is paid up front and then $3000 at the 3 week point.

  • 6 Week Consulting Plan

    Every 3 weeks
    Select for custom consulting weekly for 6 weeks.
    Valid for 6 weeks
  • 12 Week Consulting Plan

    Every 6 weeks
    Select for custom consulting weekly for 12 weeks.
    Valid for 12 weeks
  • 24 Week Consulting Plan

    Every 12 weeks
    Select for custom consulting weekly for 24 weeks.
    Valid for 24 weeks
  • 18 Week Consulting Plan

    Every 9 weeks
    Select for custom consulting weekly for 18 weeks.
    Valid for 18 weeks
  • 30 Week Consulting Plan

    Every 15 weeks
    Select for custom consulting weekly for 30 weeks.
    Valid for 30 weeks

Discount Info:
Pay Consulting Fees up Front and save $2000 on any Plan.

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