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Virtual Visits

There are many who live out of state or are several hours away from our physical office location in Rutledge, GA. Because of this, we provide virtual visits visits on a case by case basis to maintain good quality care. 

For info on scheduling, please call 706 557 0211 Extension 2 and speak to us to let us know you need information on scheduling from a distance.

Who can be seen virtually?

Anyone. This applies to both children & adults, new patients or existing patients as well. 

Jamie Bolongaro, CHNP, is our virtual practitioner we refer online visits to. Give us a call and we can connect you to Jamie right away. 

(If you specifically see Dr. Morgan or desire to set up online visits with only Dr. Morgan for the first time, please click here for the virtual platform.)

What about allergen protocols like NAET or Intensive Detox Programs? 

Extensively trained NAET practioners can provide NAET via techniques fit for the situation. Your practitioner walk you though. We will put you in direct contact with our NAET practitioner. 

These programs are more intensive and cater to many issues. 

What about testing like labwork? 

Our office is well equipped to mail out what each patient needs from a distance, without you having to come in. 

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