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Office Policies

  • Our schedule is comprised of new and follow up appointments through the day. These are limited to 40 minutes if you are new to us and 15 minutes if you are established with us. Other office fees apply if you need an extended appointment, which must be made in advance. If you have not been in seen in over a year, you will need an extended appointment.  Please note that, though rare, some appointments may need to be pre-paid.


  • Those who are more than 5 minutes late for their scheduled time will need to be rescheduled. We do not like running late, nor does anyone waiting in the waiting room. Your time is valuable, but so is ours. Our mission is to strive to provide a little to 'no wait' reputation, if possible.


  • Those who cancel at the last minute (less than 24 hours notice) may encounter a service fee of 50% an office visit fee for the missed appointment.                           (706) 557-0211 Extension 2

  • Those who attempt to reschedule and still miss appointments 3 times in a row will be discharged from care. We seek to help you on a timeline that fits the need. Gaps in your visits with us will delay your progress.You need to make your schedule fit your desire for wellness. 

  • Our practitioners are happy to evaluate natural products you already take from home or other brands. Feel free to bring them with you. However, we will not reserve the time to go through a bag full of bottles one at a time. We provide the absolute in quality care as well as stand behind natural medicines that Back To Wellness clinic keeps in stock. Therefore, we might not support each and every over the counter product you bring for evaluation. If you are on many supplements, yet you are coming for our help, please allow us the duty to help you with our experience with our medicinal product lines as this is what we have seen work. 

  • We value education from all valuable resources. However, please do not bring us articles, books and other tidbits of advice from other venues. Our clinical time with you cannot be tied up with debates or commentary over other people's opinions or other resources. We thank you for putting your trust in us as your providers and we are open to working with your other in-person doctors and practitioners. 

  • At the close of every visit, our practitioners provide you a protocol list of what to do and how to do it. Follow this all the way till your next visit, should the practitioner want to follow up with you. Every attempt is made to ensure you have all the info necessary before you leave the office. However, for questions, it's best to call the office and leave a message with the staff. We do our best to reply the same day, during business hours. The providers are booked solid through the day and do not take calls themselves. Be advised that calls and emails to our practitioners and staff will only be addressed during business hours

  • Unless your practitioner says differently on your protocol sheet, it is expected that you will refill natural medicines/supplements as you run out until your next visit to be re-evaluated. You can pick up refills in person or call to have us mail directly to you. Please do not purchase our recommendations elsewhere. There is no guarantee you are getting the exact same thing somewhere else. We do our best to ensure your dosing is progressive and would like to move you off of protocol as quickly as possible. However, if you do not refill and remain consistent with taking your protocol, you will not progress. It's not our goal to just "keep you on pills". We make clinical suggestions based on your exact point of need so YOU get better. 

  • Your appointment time is just for you. Please do not ask us for advice on other people during your appointment. They need their own quality appointment for proper evaluation. 

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