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"My direction has and will always be on helping the body heal. Corrective care, as natural as can be, non-threatening to the body and targeting the underlying reasons for your issues- that's my #1 focus."  -Dr. Morgan

Dr. Morgan does see patients at the office every week. However, if you are on a long waiting list and need intensive support, you can now schedule virtually for an extensive care program with Dr. Morgan only that fit your situation. These programs are reserved for those who have more than one health issue and cannot wait more than 6 weeks to be seen in person.

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Kriscinda Bailey Morgan, BA, BS, RNHP, ND

Dr. Morgan is a double-board certified AAMA & AADP alternative medical practitioner, adjunct health science professor and CEO of Mayberry Naturopathy LLC. With a strong background in education and health care, she brings a compassionate perception into personal health care. 

She earned her doctorate in Naturopathy, but also holds an education background in Theology & Christian Counseling, elementary, secondary & collegiate teaching, Psychology, Biology/Pre-Med and Nursing. She pursues yearly continuing enrichment in her educational quest with classes through Bastyr University and National University of Health Sciences. She specializes in Iridology Analysis, natural weight loss protocols, native american medicinals, traditional chinese medicinals (TCM), botanicals, glandulars, homeopathics by way of holistic general family practice for adults and children.

With an integrated approach to good wellness care, Dr. Morgan has worked in integrated settings- thereby collaborating and referring care to medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists. She also carries an active formal registration with the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners. She has held certification in pastoral counseling as a Licensed Professional Christian Therapist (LPCT) with ordination for ministry from Christian Life School of Theology/Beacon University, keeps Presidential Membership with the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), maintains induction with Alpha Chi Collegiate Honor Society relational to professional teacher education, has instructed for Davenport University, West Coast University and currently serves as an adjunct professor for Kingdom College of Natural Health since 2018. 

As a traditional naturopath, she has provided pharmaceutical-free, general practice in Cobb County GA, Morgan County GA and Gwinnett County GA. In the past, she has also conducted online visits around the world. 

Proud to be a Rutledge, GA native, she is happy to be home with her Back to Wellness family. Dr. Morgan and her husband were blessed with four children; 2 girls and 2 boys. They are members of Corinth Christian Church in Loganville, GA and enjoy a faith-filled and active lifestyle as a family. 

Dr. Morgan is licensed by GEMA Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association and is protected under law to practice within the scope of ministerial holistic health care. 

  • Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner #LEHP579  

  • National Provider Identification NPI #1013267426

  • ANA Applied Nutritional Analysis Clinical Training Certificate 2015

  • AAMA American Alternative Medical Association #29842708

  • AADP American Association of Drugless Practitioners #231904006

  • IANHP Registered Naturopath #RNHP20230307N

  • Labrix/Doctors Data Clinical Services East Coast Clinical Training Certificate 2015

  • Georgia Professional Standards Commission Certificate GPSC Pre-Service Certificate #1646619

  • Bastyr University Statement of Credit Professional Education Gastrointestinal Contact Hours 2018

  • Bastyr University/Seeking Health, LLC Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics Contact Hours 2013

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