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"I'm passionate about herbal well-being- Spa Wellness and Retreat Living, as a lifestyle. 

Life isn't perfect- but there's always something to celebrate ✨️ each day through Breath work / Meditation and Prayer. I'm excited to be apart of such a progressive team."

- Dr. Jones 

Dr. Jestacia Jones headshot A.jpg
Jestacia L Jones, MHD

Dr. Jones has an extensive, almost 30 year background in both beauty and wellness industries. 

Founder of the J'Lore Foundation, she has been pivotal in the development of youth programs, wholistic education and community partner collaboration for the betterment of programs within schools. 

Has won many awards, achieving notoriety in Global Leadership. 

An established author and instructor, having developed podcasts, articles, blogs and social media outlets. Licensed in aesthetics, Dr. J has a broad background working with the Aveda Institute and CNN. 

Selfcare Author, Formerly of Goldman Sachs  (1863 Ventures), CNN, MSNBC, The Grammy Awards and other media outlets. 

She and her son host community tech-coding entrepreneur trainings for youth where he is an aerospace engineer- a 17 year old FAA Drone Pilot. 

She has studied naturopathy and herbalism, actively using her skills in herbal protocols and tea therapies.

To schedule with Dr. J, please call us at 706 557 0211 Extension 2 or email us.


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